Avoid costly and serious consequences by getting your Solar Panels tested with NO LIMITS Aerial Photography. We provide a non-invasive and affordable technique to test your solar panels for faults and hot spots which can lead to power loss and fire damage. We produce a detailed report with this 3 step process.

Solar Panel Inspections

A thermal imaging scan can be conducted with ease and locate any faulty panels amongst many that exist.

We are able to locate visual damage of large scale arrays with up to 4k high res footage. Cracks in glass, storm damage, hail damage, fallen objects or manufacturing fault.

Thermal imaging scan along with a full visual inspection will record any potential threats and keep performance on track.

Upon completion, we will provide you with a report detailing the results of our findings.

Asset Thermal Inspections

Performing asset inspections is typically high-risk.

Due to the relative cost-effectiveness of drones, we can inspect your assets more frequently.

Coupled with high-resolution imagery, thermal imaging and 3D modelling.
Drones Eliminate the need for elevated work platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts and ladders to get the job done.

Our drones can identify hot spots on your hard to reach assets.